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Why Buy From Us?

  1. Competitive Pricing
    We offer free doses and rebates that are not available anywhere else on the Internet. Your price per dose is often less than the big Internet pharmacies when you buy from us!

  2. Immediate Service & Free Shipping on all orders and prescription refills
    We never charge for shipping and you always have the added convenience of picking up your order at our office for immediate use!

  3. We know your pet better than anyone!
    All orders processed through our office initiate a review of your pet's medical history. When it comes to picking the right medication for your pet and being sure that it is safe to use, we know your pets best!

  4. All of our products come directly from the manufacturer
    Many internet sources buy from “diverters” who in turn may have acquired their products from counterfeit or overseas distributors. We stand behind our products 100%

  5. Support for your local pet care providers!
    Since the costs are similar why not purchase locally? Your support allows us to provide you a high-tech, full-service hospital, with a caring, knowledgeable staff.