Client Survey

All survey respondents submitting their names are automatically entered into a monthly drawing for $30 in Valley Veterinary Hospital credit! We would love to respond to your comments personally.

General Information

How often have you visited Valley Veterinary Hospital within the past year?

When You Telephoned Our Office

Did you have any difficulty reaching a receptionist?
If you were put on hold, did you receive service within a reasonable amount of time?
How convenient were the available appointment times?

When You Arrived For Your Appointment

How comfortable did you feel in the waiting area?
How long did you have to wait in the reception area beyond your scheduled appointment time?

In the Exam Room

Which Veterinarian did you see at your last visit to our office? (click on the doctors name to view pictures)
How long did you wait in the exam room before the veterinarian appeared
How clean did the exam room appear?
Did you feel that your veterinarian’s exam was thorough and complete?
My veterinarian was: (mark all that apply)
How would you rate the competence of your veterinarian?
Did the veterinarian clearly explain your pet’s condition and treatment options?

Our Staff

How helpful were the staff that assisted you?

Reception Staff

How professional were the appearance and mannerisms of the staff that assisted you?

Reception Staff


How much value do you feel you received from the services provided by Valley Veterinary Hospital?
How would you rate your experience with Valley Veterinary Hospital?

Please explain your overall rating below. Your comments and suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey.

Please add 5 and 1.